Light up the night with the power of the sun.

As a small business, things aren't always easy. Products on the market always seem to be tailored to either the individual or large corporation with nothing in between. Solar Sign Solutions was born out of that exact dilemma in regards to Solar Lighting.

We make solar lighting kits for you, the small business owner. They aren't overkill, industrial-sized and convoluted contraptions for the massive highway billboards, they are simply what's right for your sign. Efficient, eco-friendly, and hassle-free to install, with Solar Sign Solutions you'll never miss a customer again.

What's Included
  • Metal Control Box
  • Advanced Solar Charge Controller/Timer
  • 10w/20w/30w LED light
  • Ground or Sign Mount Light Brackets
  • 10' wire for solar panel
  • 8' wire per light / 16' for dual
  • Wire connectors
  • Solar Panel with bracket and hardware

**Led light and solar panel wattage will depend on the size of your billboard.

Install Video
Solar Sign Solution Solar Kit
What Makes Our System Unique?

Our system was designed with ease of use and installation in mind. Incredibly easy to assemble, afterwards the kit is maintenance free. You can even install everything yourself, without the need to hire a contractor. Our systems are also completely weatherproof and include an advanced timer that just needs to be programmed once with your longitude - no need to reprogram every month.

We recommend the use of a Group Size 24 Marine Battery. This will allow for extended illumination, even in inclement weather conditions where the solar panels are not as effective. The Marine battery is also capable of fully discharging without incurring damage. For additional overcast protection (multiple cloudy days in a row) consider adding a second battery.